Hi all,

I’ve had some interest in my idea of setting up a Women’s Fiction Book  Club on Goodreads.  Being the sort of person that likes things cut and dried straight away, I’ve set one up this morning.

The genre is women’s fiction only, and authors who would like to join can add as many of their women’s fiction books as they like (the more, the merrier).  There will be no Book of the Month to vote on as with other book clubs.  Instead, all members have to do is agree to buy and review at least 2 books per year from the list, and leave a note on the discussion forum about which book they are currently reading.  In theory, the more books you add, the more reviews you’ll get!  In time I’ll also be interviewing authors from the group if they are agreeable to answering 20 questions.

So there you have it.  If you like writing or reading women’s fiction (mainly regarding family relationships/jealousies/rivalry)  click on the link below and, as they say in the East End of London, ‘Have a butcher’s’……


Best wishes from Stevie  x