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1.  Thanks to NewAuthorOnline and Chris, the Story Reading Ape for this blog on copyright infringement:

Copyright Infringement

2.  Thanks to David Gaughran and re-blog by Nikki McDonagh on this one regarding Amazon’s removal of books for sale:


3.  Mark  Gillespie’s 10 tips for Facebook Ads: (re-blogs by Nicholas C. Rossis and Don Massenzio):


4.  Chuck Sambuchino’s 11 ways to support an author’s new book (re-blog by Don Massenzio):


5.  Thanks to Hugh’s Views and News and re-blog by Jems Books on this one about how to become a successful blogger and get readers to leave comments on your blog:

How To Become A Successful Blogger: Part 5 – How To Get Readers To Leave Comments On Your Blog Posts

6.  10 things that make a book successful by Dan Alatorre, and re-blog by Firefly465:

10 Things That Make A Book Successful

7. Thanks to AuthorSWilliams and re-blog by Don Massenzio for these 5 blogger resources:


8.  Interesting one from agent Carly Watters and re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape regarding navigating publishing contracts.

Things I Wish I Knew: Navigating Publishing Contracts

9.  Thanks to Jean M.  Cogdell and re-blogs by Jennifer Loiske and Chris, the Story Reading Ape for this one on adding sound to your e-book:

Do you know how to add sound to your book?

10.  Last one today, thanks to Silver Threading and re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape for 192 publications that pay freelance writers:

192 Publications That Actually Pay Freelance Writers