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1.  Interesting one about writing in the first or the third person (re-blog by Don Massenzio):

Writing in the first person can produce amazing results

2.  Thanks to Indie publishing for 8 questions to answer before you self-publish (re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape).


3.  I’m going to this!  Check it out and sign up!  Thanks Christoph Fischer and re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape:


4.  Thanks to Sacha Black for these 30 Flash Fiction writing competitions:

30 Flash Fiction Writing Competitions With Cash Prizes

 5.  Interesting one from Carole Jelen and re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape in how to grow your mobile audience:


6.  Good information about copyright infringement here from Susan Toy and re-blogged by Chris, the Story Reading Ape:


7.  Ha ha!  Good advice here from Anna Dobritt and re-blog by Don Massenzio:

Writing Tip — 65

8.  I’ll be taking part in this!  Thanks to Archer’s Aim and re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape for this reminder of the Goodreads’ Brain to Books Cyber-convention:

It’s Almost Here! Brain to Books Cyber Convention 2016

9.  Thanks to Jo Robinson for this one on Creative Commons Licensing: http://litworldinterviews.com/2016/03/31/a-closer-look-at-creative-commons-licensing/

10.  And the last one this week.  Thanks to ‘Published to Death’ and re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape for these 32 free writing competitions:

32 Writing Contests in April 2016 – No Entry Fees…