I thought the Senior Salon would be an appropriate place to tell you about somebody I know.  I’ll call him John for anonymity, but I think his story needs to be told.

John is 50 next year and he’s dreading it.  He has always been terrified of ageing.  I’m of the opinion it happens to us all and there’s nothing we can do about it except eat well, look after our bodies, and try to stay healthy.  However, John is not of the same opinion and has undergone the following procedures to try and turn back time: A hair transplant to ward off tell-tale signs of male pattern baldness, eyelid lifts, a butt lift, ‘bingo wings’ arm-lifts, and a tummy tuck.  He dyes his beard and hair a dark brown, and his boyfriends are always at least 20 years younger than himself.

John’s main home is in Saudi Arabia, but every time I meet up with him he always lets me know of the next procedure he is contemplating. I think the next one is a jowl-lift.  He tells me quite sincerely that there is no ageing in the gay world, but I tell him again and again that so far nobody has found a cure for getting older.  Our bodies will age, gay or straight,  just as sure as eggs are eggs.

Despite all the surgery he has been through, to me he still looks like the middle-aged man he is.  He’s a lovely guy and I love him to bits, but I have never met anybody who is so willing to undergo unnecessary surgery.  John’s boyfriend worries about the amount of surgery he’s putting his body through, but it appears that nobody can dissuade John from his mission to acquire everlasting youth.

Can we turn back the hands of time by going under the knife?  I don’t think so, but I’m eager to hear your opinion.  Our joints and muscles keep up with our chronological age, and soon I expect John’s knees and hips will tell him that he’s no longer in the first flush of youth.  I tell him we have to accept getting older and revel in the wisdom and insight that age gives us, but hey, I’m talking to myself….

Will there be a cure for ageing?  Not in my lifetime, but maybe in generations to come.  Then the world will be crammed full of centenarians leaping about like the two in the picture above.  Nobody will be able to move without invading somebody else’s personal space.  Hmm….it makes me glad I’ll be out of it!