This is a new category that I’ve set up today in order to post reviews of books I’ve read by my fellow Creativia authors, which I have read and enjoyed.  I like to read mostly women’s fiction dealing with family relationships, but also humorous books and also romantic suspense and psychological suspense.

This review  is of The Villagers by fellow Creativia author A.J Griffiths-Jones.  Other books will follow soon.

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Nothing can prepare you for the secrets of The Villagers.

Olive & Geoffrey are happier than ever. Having found an idyllic cottage, they are moving to the countryside to bring up their three young children. The residents of the chocolate box village are friendly and helpful, welcoming the family with open arms.

But just as Olive is settling in and starting to integrate with the community, she discovers that all is not as it first seemed. Some of her neighbours are holding secrets, and as her discoveries become more and more sinister, Olive begins to fear for her own sanity. With her husband doubting her, Olive is faced with choices that will decide the fate of her family.



This is a whimsical tale of village life as it used to be in the early 1950’s, depicting various scenarios seen through the eyes of newcomers Olive and Geoff. However, Olive discovers after living in the village for a while that the locals aren’t all they appear to be, and is shocked at discovering secrets hiding just beneath the idyllic surface.

Reviewed 14/4/16


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