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The Liverpool murder investigation unit runs into a series of horrific murders, which begins as the horribly mutilated body of Matthew Remington is found in the graveyard of St. Matthew’s Church. Soon after, the body of Mark Proctor is found similarly dispatched in St. Mark’s churchyard.

Detective Inspector Andy Ross and Sergeant Izzie Drake must lead their team in a race against time to prevent further atrocities, but what links the dead men with an old mental hospital, now an orphanage, and the scarcely reported suicide of a teenage girl?

Somehow, all clues seem to point towards the enigmatic priest, Father Gerald Byrne, who has recently returned to the city of his birth. Can it be possible that the events that took place thirty years ago in Speke Hill Orphanage are connected to the murders?


I must admit I don’t usually choose to read this genre, but I had just returned from a visit to the Beatles museum at the newly refurbished Liverpool docks, and enjoy listening to music from the 60’s and 70’s. Therefore when I read the book’s description my interest was taken up straight away.

The book is well written, with only a few typos which do not detract from the well thought out, suspenseful plot. Brian L. Porter weaves Liverpool’s musical past into the present seamlessly when Detective Inspector Andy Ross and Sergeant Izzy Drake lead an investigation when a human skeleton is found lying in the mud of the Liverpool docks. Forensic tests lead them into a most unusual murder enquiry, causing them to go back 33 years to the life and times of an up and coming pop group – Brendan Kane and the Planets.
Another aspect of this story that I liked from the female point of view, is that Sergeant Izzy Drake actually carries out detective work, and is not there just to provide the token love interest. Thoroughly recommended. Mr Porter obviously has a deep knowledge of Liverpool and the 1960’s music scene. I want to read the next books in the series now!

Reviewed 26/3/16


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