Glenn Peirson died much too soon, stricken by a fast-spreading sinus cancer and leaving our world in November 2009 at 44. Glenn, as a friend described him, was a true Renaissance man, a man of compassion, intellect and deep passion.

His battle with The Beast extended for three torturous, draining years. It killed Glenn Peirson, but it did not defeat him. As he wrote to his friends and family just prior to his death: “We are always open to your questions, concerns, gestures and good-will. We are, as always, allergic to pity and despair…”

Peirson’s battle with cancer lies at the heart of this book, a mixed reference to the Romantic poet John Keats and the Beatles. I am Keats as you are is a compilation of Peirson’s own poetry and the hundreds of letters he sent to family and friends over the course of his struggle with cancer.

This is a powerful, passionate, highly personal book about a view of the world. It invites the reader into an exploration and provides insights garnered along a brief, beautiful, fully-walked path.


Glenn Peirson’s strong character shines through in this book of diaries, letters, and poems which were published after his death in his early forties from sinus cancer. His 3-year cancer journey was a terrible one, but his unbridled optimism and hope for the future is never bowed by his progressing disease or effects of multiple radiation treatments and chemotherapies. He makes light of his symptoms in poetry, but then in diary updates to his family the reader can go between the lines and realise just how much he is suffering.

Mr Peirson was an erudite man, a physician, musician and poet. I am 11 years into my own thyroid cancer journey, but if I can sustain even half the hope and enthusiasm for life that he had, I shall consider myself very fortunate.

Although I am a Londoner, I have extended family who own a cottage at Bruce Beach on the shores of Lake Huron, and so was transported back to a lovely holiday I had there in 2013 on reading parts of this story. So much of Mr Peirson’s story rings true for me. I thoroughly recommend this book.

Reviewed 7/3/2016


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