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1   Thanks to David Gaughran and re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape about how KU scammers are attacking Amazon’s free ebook charts:


2.  Thanks to Bridget Whelan and re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape for this competition info for unpublished authors/manuscripts:

Search for a Bestseller – a £50,000 opportunity for a new novelist

3.  12 ways to improve your writing by Kate Colby and re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape:

12 Ways to Improve Your Writing (Right Now, For Free)

4. Thanks to Ronovan at LitWorldInterviews and re-blog by Chris the Story Reading Ape and Smorgasbord for this new tool to promote your posts to a wider audience:

A new #tool to promote (your posts, tweets, videos) Co-Promote

5.  Thanks to Don Massenzio for these helpful writing tips:


6.  Interesting one by Nicholas C. Rossis regarding men and women’s reading habits (re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape):


7.  Thanks to The KingsKidChronicles and re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape for info about this scam:


8.  Thanks to  TheWriteLife and re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape for these 16 helpful Kindle publishing resources:


9.  Thanks to A Writer’s Path and re-blog by Don Massenzio for this one on marketing your book:

Book Marketing: 20 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Target Audience

10.  Important stuff from Chris, the Story Reading Ape regarding WordPress blogs:

Every Blogger READ THIS POST!

11.  Here’s a good one from Cow Pasture Chronicles regarding research tools (re-blog by Don Massenzio):

My Top 15 Research Resources for Writers

12.  And the last one this week comes from Sacha Black regarding nominations for the 2016 Bloggers Bash Awards, which are now open: