Just to let you know of two promotions running concurrently later on this week:

Publishers Creativia are running a promotion on Kindle Unlimited for my women’s fiction/drama novel ‘Repent at Leisure’, which will be just $0.99 on Amazon.com from April 29th – May.


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I’m a bit of a wanderer, and love to walk along the country footpaths and by-ways around my Suffolk village. The peace and tranquillity gives me the inspiration I need in order to think up plots.  Originally with Repent at Leisure I was tramping along the side of a wheat field and had the two main characters, Paul and Anita McAdam, stuck in my head, and was all set to write a mainly psychological tale based on the effect on their marriage of Paul’s increasingly erratic behaviour.

Paul is a troubled soul, brought up with his brother in a dysfunctional family. This childhood legacy has left Paul an angry young man, but when he meets Anita, the love of his life, he wants to put the past behind him.  However, the past has a way of crashing into the present just when it is not needed, and Anita, newly-married, finds an unexpected side to her husband that she never knew existed.  Although she is young and inexperienced, Anita is in love, and tries to find a way to help Paul through his problems.

By the time I had returned home from my walk, the story had metamorphosed into a ‘whodunit, but then quickly turned into a whodunit with a difference. Yes, there is a dead girl, Cat Taylor, but the mystery surrounding Cat’s death plays along in the background while the novel focuses mainly on the relationship between the two protagonists, and is told from their two separate points of view.  I recently read Gillian Flynn’s ‘Gone Girl’, and discovered that I actually prefer reading (and writing) in different perspectives while moving the story forwards.  I also like to add in a hefty psychological aspect, and have been influenced on that front somewhat by reading many of Mark Edwards’ thrillers.  How a person thinks and acts due to past life experiences is a never-ending source of fascination for me.

Each of my novels have needed a modicum of research, and my memories of visiting Edinburgh on New Year’s Eve 1999 are still clear and I wanted to incorporate the experience into the story. However, never having been to Australia, I had to research details of the Sydney Harbour Bridge online, and enjoyed writing the scene where Paul and his brother Terry climb to the top of the bridge and have a little man-to-man chat.  I also spent a day on Google Maps, virtually driving along the M6 in order to make Anita’s journey to Scotland more realistic.  By the time I reached Gretna Green I felt as exhausted as if I’d driven there for real!  Court procedures are also unfamiliar to me, but again the beauty of this modern computer age is that you need never leave your armchair to find the information you need!

Running alongside this is my humorous book ‘No Sex Please, I’m Menopausal!’ which will be free from May 1st – May 5th.


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After going through the menopause Lyn finds that she no longer wants sex. This is unfortunate, as her husband Neil still does. When he discards her after 35 years of marriage like an old worn out shoe, Lyn moves to Cornwall to start a new life. However, new friends are hard to find, and she feels lonely. On the spur of the moment she decides to join an online dating site, ‘MatchULike’, just for companionship. Amongst the peculiar people she meets is Peter; shy, and conscious that his ‘gentleman’s’ operation has rendered him an unattractive prospect in the marriage stakes. Lyn makes a friend of Peter, but when Neil gets to hear about the friendship he realises too late that there is more to a relationship than just sex, and he suddenly starts to appear back on the scene and wants to turn her life upside down all over again!

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