Just thought I’d update you all and let you know that Life: 18 Short Stories is now published and is just $0.99.   http://bookShow.me/B01F0WG2BS


Stevie Turner

I thought I’d share a short story today that is part of my new collection, and will be published soon.  The book is entitled ‘Life’, and consists of 18 short stories covering various significant life events.  I originally intended it to be just about birth, death and marriage, but other events were begging to be told…

Life book coverNAN

She had been killed by a speeding car in 1967, when Harry was but a new-born babe in arms.  Over the years he had heard so much about Nan; her kindness to others, the hardships she had endured as a young mother on her own, the laughter, and of course the boundless love she had always given her children and grandchildren.  This knowledge had left him feeling that somehow he had been short-changed.  He had never known her; his own paternal grandmother.

He glanced at the photo of his grandmother and Steph that he had managed to display…

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