Excellent post on building that vital author platform and connecting with readers.

Here’s Kimberley Grabas’s post:  http://www.thebookdesigner.com/2016/03/your-biggest-book-marketing-or-platform-building-roadblocks/


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Excerpt from an article by Kimberley Grabas on The Book Designer:

The concept of “platform” has been around for awhile now.

But despite the increased awareness of the need for a platform:

– to distinguish your work in the marketplace,
– to help you reach more people,
– and to allow you to create a thriving community of eager and supportive fans
– most writers continue to struggle.

You try to gain exposure without spamming or irritating people – and fail.

You search for ways to connect with readers most likely to enjoy or benefit from your work, but come up empty-handed.

You attempt a multitude of “strategies” that require much in the way of time and effort, but produce little results.

And although feeling exposed and vulnerable, you’ve shared your thoughts, opinions and upcoming projects on your author blog and via social media – to have them largely (if…

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