This week we’re talking about pseudonyms, and whether or not writers should use them.

It all depends I suppose on whether the writer wants to preserve his/her anonymity.  My debut novel ‘The Porn Detective’ was written from the heart, and a good part of it was true to life about a dark time in my own marriage.  I did not want my immediate family to read it for obvious reasons, and so changed a name slightly that I saw handwritten on the sleeve of a dubious-looking DVD I found ten years ago during my porn detective days and used that instead.

Fortunately those days are all behind me now, and last week I retired The Porn Detective from publication.  Writing it served a therapeutic purpose at the time, but now I’m glad to see the back of it.  Sam and I have moved on from those dark times, and to be honest the whole scenario feels as though it happened to somebody else, as we are different people now.  I’ll always remember it though, as it served to kick-start my writing career, and so quite a lot of good came out of it. Sam and I worked everything out, and I got to live true to myself at last.

Other people have their own reasons for writing under a pseudonym.  Some use a variety of names for different genres.  Even J K Rowling used one to write a detective novel, although the press soon found out (she was furious).  I have managed to write quite anonymously for 3 years now, and also write non-fiction under my real name.

Sam is proud of my writing achievements, and doesn’t want me to hide my light under a bushel anymore.  The trouble is that Stevie Turner is the name I’ve been writing fiction under for 3 years, and so I’ll probably carry on with it as I haven’t ever written any fiction under my real name.  Even Sam calls me Stevie quite a lot of the time.  I’m used to being Stevie now, and so I think I’ll keep her!

What do you think about pseudonyms?  Link up below if you have anything to say on the subject.

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