Vatican Intervention

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5 stars

Remember the Sun Myung Moon religious cult?  Miles Jesu is another example.  I suppose Andrew Lee Sullivan is what is called a whistle-blower today. Gullible and idealistic, at the age of only 18 he naively joins Miles Jesu (what he later finds out is a religious cult), wanting to study and climb the priestly hierarchical ladder to eventual glory.  Instead he suffers abuse at the hands of the drug taking despotic priest in charge, is ordered to perform menial tasks and raise funds for the cult instead of theological study, and to obey without question.  After some time he is placed under house arrest when it becomes known that he wants to escape.

He had precious little experience of life and love before joining the cult, and is emotionally deprived, possibly still craving the love of a mother who had always been busy with 11 other children. This sensory and emotional deprivation causes him to become addicted to pornography, masturbation, and alcohol. After 28 years in the cult he is at breaking point, but then finds salvation in meditation, which makes him feel close to Jesus. Visiting the Vatican to pour out his story and with the help of a psychotherapist, Andrew sets out to unmask the cult, eventually telling his story in VATICAN INTERVENTION.

This is a well-told, well-written memoir, interesting and descriptive. I feel such sadness for Andrew, that he had to spend so many years of his life wasting away in the cult of Miles Jesu.  It’s a heart-breaking tale.  Not to be missed.