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Informative blog by Nicholas C. Rossis and re-blog by Don Massenzio on  Amazon marketing services:


Haddon Musings’ ‘Worth Reading’ on ageing is worth reading!


Another writing tip from Anna Dobritt and re-blog by Don Massenzio:

Writing Tip — 66

 Interesting one.  M.T McGuire is a guest post on Nicholas C. Rossis’ blog telling of her experience with a permafree book (re-blog by  Chris, the Story Reading Ape).


MostlyBlogging and re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape shows how you can get 2000 new blog subscribers for free.


 Thanks to EstherNewtonBlog and re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape for details of the Yeovil Literary Prize:


Thanks to BlondeWriteMore for these 8 affirmations to make you a happier blogger (re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape):


Don’t forget to cast your vote for the Bloggers Bash Awards of 2016:

VOTE NOW! Annual Bloggers Bash Awards NOW OPEN

Good advice I’m going to take from Jo Robinson (re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape) about not using tabs in manuscripts:

Never Use Tabs in Manuscripts for Kindle

 Thanks Sally Cronin, for this very informative blog about the development of the brain: