Something I have not come across before is ‘Third Party Listings’, and I am writing this blog to find out if any other Indie author has had the same thing happen to them.

I noticed  on my Amazon author page today that two extra copies of my paperbacks, ‘A House Without Windows’ and ‘A Rather Unusual Romance’ have appeared, and are both up for sale at £20.15 each.  I know I did not put them up for sale at this high price, and so contacted CreateSpace to find out what was going on.  I received this reply:

I understand that you are concerned about the third party listings of your book.

Rest assured that you all receive royalties for all books that are manufactured. The specifics in the listings for items sold by third-party sellers on the Amazon platforms are solely at the discretion of the third-party seller. For instance, sellers in the Expanded Distribution program can list a title on as “used” even if originally purchased as “new”.

An individual or distributor can then purchase any number of the copies through Expanded Distribution Channel or Amazon retail site at a retail price.

So basically anybody can buy my book and then set it up on Amazon as a used item to run alongside the rest of my books  at an inflated price?

Who’s also had this problem?