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Over the last few years I have been writing several novels, novellas and short stories, and have been learning different ways of marketing them.  I am not unhappy with the results of my efforts, but realise that one of the strategies which might work quite well is very hard to accomplish.  It  is a reciprocal arrangement where reviews that we already have for books are tweeted by other authors to get them out there in Cyberworld and hopefully then into the sight of many more readers than we could accomplish by trying to do this by ourselves.

I envision a Facebook group where everyone who joins adds a permalink to one of their reviews on  Amazon, so that other members of the group can share the details by adding the link to a tweet, since Twitter is definitely one of the main social marketing tools.  If the author’s Twitter handle is added too, then each author taking part will be able to see that their review is being shared, and therefore there will be less work for the administration section (me!) to do.

It all sounds good in theory, doesn’t it?  If I get enough authors interested then I could set up a Facebook group with a daily thread in which reviews can be added, and whoever decides to add their review on a particular day then has to tweet about whichever reviews are already there. Authors who fail to share others’ reviews on the day will be removed from the group, but it will be up to each author to check that their own review has been shared by the others, which is easy to do by looking at their own Twitter notifications (they can then notify me if their reviews are not being shared).

I’m of the opinion it’s the reviews that readers take note of more than book covers, so this will be a new venture altogether, leaving out flashy covers and just concentrating on four or five star reviews which previous verified purchasers have already left on Amazon.  How many authors are interested in joining such a group?   I’m going to let this blog run while I am away at the Isle of Wight festival and see how many responses I get by the time I come back on Thursday 16th June.

If we work together we will accomplish what we are all seeking – to get our books reaching more readers.  You never know…it may work and it might also be a chance to meet new authors!