Repent at Leisure has made the shortlist of’s 50 Self Published Books Worth Reading 2016. I would be extremely grateful for your vote please! Thank you.


Paul McAdam wakes up with a strange girl in his bed, with no idea who she is or where she came from.

Cat Taylor worms her way into Paul’s life, eventually moving into his flat. The arrangement suits Paul quite well until he meets Anita Fairfax, the love of his life and the girl he wishes to marry. Cat has to go, but Paul finds that she is not interested in moving out.

When Cat is found dead in Paul’s flat, he’s the #1 suspect, even though there’s not a shred of evidence. Anita and Paul are happily married, but she soon begins to wonder whether her new husband could have been Cat’s killer all along.


My Thoughts:

As I finish this book, I sit and ponder. I am struggling with a rating. It was written very well and told through the first person of the two main…

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