This week on the Open Book Blog Hop the theme is ‘What I know to be true’. 

I thought I’d combine this with some photos of my trip away last week, and so I’m making this a fun read instead of something serious.  Therefore here’s what I know to be true about the Isle of  Wight music festival:

1.   I know for a fact that certain ‘attributes’ pertaining to 3 of the people in this photograph are definitely suspect.

Three Freddies and me

2.   It’s a fact that a 3 month old Chihuahua puppy is absolutely adorable.


3. It’s true that Brian May’s guitar playing is still as good as it ever was.


4.  I know for a fact that only a million pounds in my bank account beforehand would induce me to have a ride on a flying festival swing.


5.  It’s true you can live on it, but…


6. A festival poncho truly keeps the wind from whipping through your body on the Tennyson Trail.



Last but not least above, I absolutely know that the best IOW beach for me is at Puckpool near Ryde!

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