I’m a mother of two boys.  For years I had to put up with a murderous arsenal of plastic swords, knives and guns.  Then there were toy cars to trip over,  football ad nauseam, Action Men dolls, Transformers in disguise, 42 levels on Prince of Persia when you needed to get them out of the door, huge hobnailed boots in the hallway, unwashed long-haired musicians in the garage, 50cc FS1E bikes, and beaten up old cars on the driveway.  Loud bass voices permeated the rooms, each boy threatening to murder the other one if he stepped one size 10 cloven hoof into the other one’s bedroom.

Girlfriends morphed my sons into two reasonably pleasant human beings, and then they were off, eager to do their bit to marry and further the dynasty.  The eldest boy was an early starter at this activity, and suddenly I was a grandmother to…..two girls!

Today is my eldest granddaughter’s 11th birthday.  I had the pleasure of taking her shopping so that she could choose some birthday presents.  I had never been shopping with her father, who had always tended to walk on the other side of the road from me at her age in case his friends caught sight of him walking with his mother.  This morning I had the delightful experience of finding out just how different it is taking a little girl to the shops.  We mooched around our favourite stationery shops, and then hit the clothes outlets.  My granddaughter was delighted with an all-singing-and-dancing pencil case, an Emoji cushion, 20 pencils, a ruler that folds in half, two DVD’s, and a pretty blue flowery dress.  We had lunch in a café, and then I took her back to her mum and dad, gave her a cuddle, and drove home again.


Next month it’s the turn of her 9 year old sister to go shopping with her nanny for some birthday presents too.  I can’t wait!