My favourite genre for reading is psychological thrillers, and ‘My Husband’s Son’ a traditionally published book by Deborah O’Connor, certainly kept me turning the pages to the end.

My Husband's Son

Heidi Thursby met her husband Jason when she attended a support group for parents whose children had been murdered or abducted.  Heidi’s daughter Lauren had been kidnapped and murdered, but Jason’s son Barney had simply vanished and had never been found.  Barney had been with his mother Vicky at the time, a mobile hairdresser and Jason’s first wife, as she drove around to customers.  He had been playing in a customer’s hallway with his toy cars, but was nowhere to be seen when it was time for Vicky to go.

When Heidi stops at an off-licence some distance from home for some wine, her attention is drawn to a small boy who is standing behind the manager of the shop. She is suddenly convinced that the boy is Barney, even though 5 years have passed since Barney’s disappearance and she has never seen him at all other than in photos.   She tells Jason and they go back to the shop, but Jason is adamant that the boy is not his son.

Heidi becomes obsessed with proving that the boy is Barney.  Without Jason’s knowledge she goes back to the shop and starts to make her own investigations.  She gets to know Tommy, who is a friend of Keith, the off-licence manager.  Tommy tells her that the shop is due to close down.   She decides that she must act quickly to help Barney…

The book is quite gripping, and I read it in two days.  It’s an original plot, although maybe some would think it a little far-fetched.  However, it held my attention, and for that I’m giving it a five star rating.