The process of downsizing and moving to a retirement flat has made a tentative step forward.  We now have our beautiful front garden looking like a bomb site, as the Calor Gas men work to install an underground tank so that yet more workmen can arrive next week and take the house apart to install central heating.  I’m looking forward to that (not); it’s right up there with my cancer diagnosis in 2005.

The Health & Safety issues surrounding the installation of this tank are many and varied.  We could not have it safely tucked away out of sight in the back garden, as the lorry driver needs to be able to see it from the main road outside when he is filling it up.  The tank has to be sited at least 3 metres from the house, and mustn’t be near a boundary wall or  underneath any phone or electrical wires.  Therefore the only place left in our garden was the middle flowerbed.

The neighbours had a free show yesterday when a mechanical digger started ripping out the apple tree and surrounding shrubbery.  By lunchtime a huge hole had appeared, and my view from the dining room was blocked by a 20 tonne mountain of soil.  However, I was rather pleased we had agreed to an underground tank, as who in their right mind would want to buy a house with a bright yellow gas tank stuck in the middle of the front lawn? It’s not something you can easily disguise, and we would not be allowed to cover it up.  I would have to show prospective buyers around and try to ignore the elephant in the room (or the gas tank in the garden).

Below is the lovely view I now have outside my bedroom window.  You’re envious, aren’t you?


So…Stevie’s saying goodbye until the week after next, as I’ll be de-camping to my son’s house in a few days’ time for a bit of peace and quiet.  Look out for me again week commencing 25th July! x