I grew up very much a loner, only really wanting a handful of friends, and even now tend to be content with my own company.  I died a thousand deaths as a teenager starting a new school mid-term when new friendships had already been forged.  However, I eventually made friends with three girls that I still see now on a regular basis.  I tend not to want lots of friends or hordes of people hanging about, and am quite happy with my immediate and extended family.

When I first moved here to the country I set about joining the church choir and the Women’s Institute.  I would have stayed in the choir had thyroid cancer not claimed my voice, but quickly made an escape from the WI; to be honest it wasn’t really my cup of tea.  I got to know a few people in the choir, but when I had to give it up the friendships quickly died away.

Stevie’s trying again on August 13th to be more outgoing.  I’m taking part in an author signing event in Manchester, along with about 50 other writers.  Some of them I’ve befriended on social media, but haven’t yet met.  I am excited about it, even though meeting new people is usually quite a nerve-wracking experience for me.  I hope to keep in touch with at least one or two of them after the event.

Funnily enough the older I get, the more sociable I’m becoming.  Some of the authors at the signing might even get me to make a degree of ‘small talk’,  something I’ve always disliked doing (probably because I’m not very good at it!).  This weekend we’re away at a family get-together, and so I’ll be able to get a bit of practise in!