I suppose it depends on what age group you’re in and why you are looking to meet new people, so I’m going to start with the younger age groups and then move upwards.

The 16 – 30 (+)’s are possibly looking for a life partner.  This is why most of the bars and nightclubs are full of young people in the evenings.  However, by the time you have met Mr or Miss Right, you are probably into your late twenties or early thirties and have become parents.  New parents, especially mothers  who are not out in the workplace, are often desperate for adult conversation (I know I was).  A good place to meet other new mums is to host coffee mornings.  I did this with some degree of success as a young mother, and got to know many women in my local area.

Moving on to the forty-somethings.  Many people of this age have been divorced, and are looking to meet a second Mr or Ms Right.  Singles clubs, internet dating, and over 40’s clubs are a good way to meet older partners, as usually by now a younger generation have taken over the bars and nightclubs that the fortysomethings used to visit.   Also, by now most people in this age group have an interest/hobby, and new friends could be found by joining clubs geared to like-minded individuals.  My husband for instance belongs to a motorbike group, and members often meet up for ride outs and charity fun days.

Many fifty+-somethings have been divorced as well, or widowed.  My mother found herself widowed at the age of 54.  After a couple of years of loneliness she joined CRUSE, a bereavement counselling group and met many new people her own age.  She joined an over 50’s club and went dancing well into her sixties, meeting good friends male and female.   She also joined a pensioners’ lunch club and received a subsidised meal every day.

It depends of course whether you are of the outgoing type.  My mother is, although in her place it wouldn’t have occurred to me to join these groups.  A social life is out there if we choose to seek it, but the quiet retiring type will not get new people beating a path to their door unless they first venture outside and try to find it.