1.  Thanks to Life Love Writing for this info on how to take your writing to the next level:


2.  Thanks to Bridget Whelan for information regarding United Artists’ Open House in August:

August could be a special month for Writers waiting to be discovered

3.  Thanks to R.J  Crayton for this advice on recording the number of books you sell:


4.  Here’s some info from But I Smile Anyway about creating an image widget on WordPress:


5.  Thanks to Lion Around Writing for this info on WordPress tags:

WordPress Tip: Tags

6.  Thanks to Bridget Whelan for this info regarding jobs for writers:

Jobs for Writers

7.  Check out Cow Pasture Chronicles’ top 20 websites for writers:

My Top Twenty Websites for Writers

8.  Thanks to Comfy Reading for these tips when asking for your book to be reviewed:


9.  Here’s Tara Sparling’s take on what a book festival is actually like:

What’s A Book Festival Actually Like?

Thanks to Firefly 465, Chris, the Story Reading Ape, Nikki McDonagh, Indies Unlimited, and Don Massenzio for the re-blogs.