1.  Thanks to The Lady Confidential for these 13 interesting facts about Google that you might not know:


2.  Thanks to Bridget Whelan for bringing this competition for a mentoring course to our attention:

Major UK publisher wants to support new writers from under-represented communities

3.  Kotobee tells us why our Epubs are being rejected by Apple iBooks:


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4 Benefits of Connecting Social Media to Your Blog

5.  Thanks to Pearls Before Swine for this 7 step writing process:


6.  3 differences between a demographic and your market:

3 Differences Between a Demographic and Your Market

7.  Still time to enter Pitch Wars.  Thanks Brenda Drake for this info:


8.  Great advice here from LitWorldInterviews about receiving bad reviews:

Rotten Reviews and Terrible Trolls

9.  Thanks to Ana Spoke for this info on how to get 1000 Goodreads followers with only 5 minutes of effort:

Quick How-To: get 1,000 Goodreads followers with 5 minutes of effort

10.  Thanks to Liz Dexter for this word count info:

How do I count the number of times a word appears in my document?

11.  A lovely one to end on; A Fifties’ Child by Retired? No one told me!


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