Moving ever onward in my never-ending search for good ways of marketing my books, I decided to take a chance on The Authors Show  which is an internet radio programme.  I applied and to my delight was given a slot to record via Skype on 1st September.  Luckily the recording is not live, and so if I make a terrible mistake, it can be edited out!  Each author is given a 15 minute slot, and all past interviews can be heard on the website.  There is no entry fee.

Another direction led me to setting up a fledgling mailing list.  If you’re brave enough to visit my website  you’ll see a sign-up form on my newsletter.  Anybody who signs up will receive a free e-copy of Life, my collection of 18 short stories.

I am now also now registering for author signing events, as they are quite fun to do.  I have recently posted a blog regarding my first signing at Astley Green, Manchester and have already signed up for next year’s event on 19th and 20th August 2017.  I am now waiting for a giant banner to be delivered, as I seemed to be the only author at the signing without one this year.

I’ve read that audio books are the new way forward.  I’ve managed to complete 7 audio books so far, with the ninth, Lily: A Short Story, due any day now, and another, For the Sake of a Child, ready in a few more weeks.

But the best one yet I’ve discovered, is putting you book on Kindle Unlimited for free for a limited period.  For the Sake of a Child was free from July 23rd – July 27th, and if you look at the screen shot below from a month later, it tells a story all on its own:

FSOC Bigger2.PNG

If you can’t quite see this, For the Sake of a Child reached the rank of 2,900 Paid in Kindle Store on Amazon.UK last week, nearly a month after there were 2370 free downloads.  Not bad, eh?

What successful marketing methods have you tried and tested?  I’d be interested to find out!