This sounds great! Send me an email to and let me know in detail how this works and what I have to do. Thanks.

Seumas Gallacher

…the throwaway line in one of my blog posts last week which instantly transformed into SUM’THING BIGGER THAN ALL OF US, ‘coz my pal, the tireless-WURK-for-other-scribblers, Susan Toy, turned it into a real event… instead of the ‘GoFundMe’ begging pleas we see ad inforeverum for various projects, m’Lady, Sue invented the ‘GoReadMe! Campaign’, which invites people to read one book from a chosen author, and then for each of these readers simple to tell sumb’dy else about the book and that author… reviews are great, but this is even more focused in terms of helping writers get readership… Master Gallacher, ‘ere, is the first one up, ‘Guinea Pig Gallacher’ if yeez like, known to many simply as ‘Pig’, but that’s another story… I’m tracking the good folks who’ve already declared their participation in supporting the campaign, and I’m sure there are many more who are…

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