More informative blogs for writers…

1.  Thanks to Jo Robinson for this information about building your book’s front matter:

Building Your Book’s Front Matter

2.  Interesting one from Sharon Bially via Chris, the Story Reading Ape regarding promoting yourself BEFORE you send out your manuscript to agents:

Why Book PR Can Have The Most Impact BEFORE You Land An Agent…

3. Allison Maruska asks ‘To put a book for free or not?’  What do you think?

When Promoting An Ebook: To Free Or Not To Free?

 4.  Wise words from Kyle Perkins about why you should not give up writing:

5.   Thanks to Kristen Lamb for this info on how to grow your author blog:

6.  Have a look at Chris, the Story Reading Ape’s blog for this guest post with info on how to promote your book:

3 Ways Indie Authors Can Promote Their Work for Free – Guest Post…

7.  A good one from The Write Life on where to submit short stories:

8.  Thanks to Kristen Twardowski for these free online resources for grammar and writing:

9.  Want to be a guest author?  Check out C.M Blackwood’s site to find out how:

10. Check out this one from Alexis Chateau to find out the 5 awful mistakes that bloggers make:

5 Awful Mistakes Bloggers Make

11.  Thanks to Rashmi Menon for these 5 ways of creating an interactive blog:

5 Ways to Maintain an Interactive Blog and Create a Fan Base!

12.  Lynn Serafinn at Spirit Authors gives these tips on writing a good blurb and back pages for your books:

13.  Michael Dellert shows us 20 ways in which to build character:

Thanks to Chris, the Story Reading Ape, Don Massenzio,  Kim’s Author  Support Blog, AlltheAbove, Smorgasbord,  AuroraJeanAlexander, and Dan Alatorre for the re-blogs.