Hi all,

I like to promote books by Indie authors in my monthly newsletter.  I’ve come to the end of my current books to feature, and so am looking for an author to promote on my October newsletter to start with, and then a different author each month as we go into 2017.  What I’m looking for is perhaps a new release or a free/discounted book that has a Kindle Countdown running in the month of promotion.  I’d then need a short description of the book, some social media links, and a book cover and purchase link.  You can even send a photo of yourself as well!

If you’d like to take part then just email me at stevie@stevie-turner-author.co.uk and put Newsletter Promotion in the subject line.  I’d rather not promote anything overly-erotic, so please keep it clean!

I’ll email you back with your month.  All I ask is that you please make a note of it in your diary and email me with the info required about the middle of the given month.  To  have a look at my past newsletters and see whether you’d like to take part, please click on the link below:


Looking forward to hearing from you!


I now have authors for October, November and December, so now advertising for January 2017.  Thanks!