1.  A valuable resource from Ann Marie Wyncoll  – a list of free university courses via MOOC:


2.  Thanks to Joseph C Kunz for these 10 mistakes to avoid that are often made when publishing a non-fiction book.


3. What’s your opinion of Kindle Countdown deals?  Here’s Suzanne Rogerson’s:


4.  Thanks to Allison Maruska for these 3 writing cheats to avoid:

Three Writing Cheats To Avoid (Maybe)

5.  Good one from Olga Nunez Miret on LitWorldInterviews regarding multi-author promotions:

#Multi-author promotions. Reasons why you should you be thinking about them #amwriting

6.  Thanks to Hugh’s Views and News for this info on adding your WordPress blog to your Gravatar:

How To Add Your WordPress Blog To Your Gravatar

7.  I’ll definitely be sticking to this advice from Chris Well regarding building your blog following:


8.  Thanks to Lorraine Ambers for this bite-sized Pinterest lesson:

A bite sized Pinterest lesson for authors

9.  Good one from A Writer’s Path on why authors need to be as accessible as possible:

Why Authors Need to Be as Accessible as Possible

10.  Check this one out from Kristen Lamb.  Does Facebook sell books, and do writers need a Facebook fan page?


11.  Thanks to Alison Williams for these commonly confused words (I’ll also be blogging about this subject on Monday):


12.  Reade and Write shares how to write a review:


Thanks to Chris, the Story Reading Ape, Mystical Writer,  Smorgasbord, Don Massenzio, Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie for the re-blogs.