Here it is.

Take a look.

Check it out.

Buy my book.


Can’t you see?

It makes sense.

Seventy five pence,

Or ninety nine cents.


Why do you wait?

Chance your luck!

Or do you think

My book sucks?


I bet I’ve sold

More than you.

I’ve got an agent

And film rights too.


There’s ninety five photos

Of kinky fornication,

The rest of the book

Is my own creation.


It tells the story

Of a girl called Honey,

Who was a’ special’ actress,

Just for the money.


All day her clothes

Fell down to the floor,

She pouted until

She could pout no more.


She knew deep down

That she was a sinner,

But if truth be heard, 

She preferred …

A nice hot dinner.


She struck the poses

In my book.

Just to get you

Nice and hooked. 


Pay with cash

And you will find,

A free DVD

To blow your mind.


Thanks for that.

You’ve bought my tale,

Of how to make

Ginger Ale!