This week we’re supposed to interview our editor, but I have a problem with that…I edit my own books!  However, I’ve been told that I can write about things I commonly see that I would like to correct, or alternatively I can write about my editing process.

I was a medical secretary for 13 years before taking early retirement, and so am used to typing accurately for GP’s. Sometimes I even had to type as doctors were speaking if they had an urgent letter to dictate.  Sloppy grammar or spelling would have meant me losing my job!

When writing novels, I just type a chapter, read through it to check there are no typos, and then carry on to the next chapter.  When I’ve finished a book I read it through again just to make sure, and run the spell checker.  My publisher Creativia sent me an email recently to let me know the manuscript of ‘A Rather Unusual Romance’ that I have just signed over to them was free of errors.  Thank goodness for that!

Okay…so…things I commonly see that need correcting.  Hmm… there’s always the same old ones that some people get confused with, as listed below:

  • Loose / lose.
  • You’re / your.
  • There / their / they’re.
  • Affect / effect.
  • To /too / two.
  • ‘Would of’ instead of ‘would have’.
  • ‘Could of’ instead of ‘could have’.
  • Bought / brought.
  • One / won.
  • Apostrophes placed incorrectly.

I’m sure there are more, but they’re the main ones. Can you think of any I’ve left out?  I suppose I’ve been lucky in only ever being interested in words, spelling and reading.  I can’t add up two numbers in my head to save my life, but I can write a good letter!

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