It’s  shameless promotion day today!

Lily: A Short Story, has finally been released as an audio book after many false starts, my family drama The Donor is just $0.99 today until 27th September, and last but not least, my crackly voice can be heard on The Authors Show tomorrow 22nd September speaking about The Donor if anybody would like to listen!


I think my historical /paranormal audio book Lily: A Short Story, must have had one of the longest gestational periods known to man!

Lilly Audio JPG - Sandra Garston.jpg

I originally put the story out to ACX about 18 months ago.  The first narrator Jenny managed to finish the story.  However, ACX could not use the narration for some reason or other, and so asked Jenny to correct it.  Jenny fell ill and was hospitalised, and could not continue.  The next two narrators had family crises, and unfortunately had to stop production.  My latest narrator, Sandra Garston, worked very quickly and finished the recording in no time at all.  However, ACX had so many audio books to process, that ‘Lily’ was stuck in a queue for about 5 weeks.

Finally it is done.  I’m pleased to announce that Lily: A Short Story, length 3 hours and 2 minutes,  is now available on the links below: will also be sending me 25 promotional codes if anybody would like one, in order to receive Lily free at the checkout.  First come, first served!

The Donor:



When you meet the love of your life, the last thing you expect is your sister luring him away.

Clare faces this scenario when her sister, Isabel, marries singer and guitarist Ross Tyler. To make things even worse, Ross hits the big time, makes a fortune and moves to France with his family.

But when tragedy strikes, Ross and Clare are forced to revisit their common past, one which they must try to put behind them for Isabel’s sake.

Here’s a 5 star review it has received on Amazon:

From the word go this book grabbed my attention and kept it to the very end.  This was a book I could not put down and I read it in 3 hours.  The characters were profoundly flawed and that only added to the realism of the story, the relationships between them all are bittersweet yet heartwarming.

It’s a story of one family who suffer because of one betrayal then as the story progresses you find that there was more betrayal that has happened in the past, it was so well written that I could see myself being one or another of the characters and put myself In their shoes at time I found myself rooting for one character then in the next chapter I was rooting for another and wishing I could grab the and shake them and tell them not to be so prideful and explain to them all they would loose out on.

In the second half of the story the main two characters find themselves reunited in the darkest of circumstance and they have to find a way to get through it all together and that leaves them both reeling! The final heartbreaking chapters moved me from disbelief to tears some of joy some of sadness, and it’s a credit to the author that she was able to convey these emotions with the telling of this fabulous story.

The Authors Show:

I will be speaking about The Donor tomorrow 22nd September.  You can hear what I have to say by clicking the link above.