This week we’re focusing on common obstacles. What are the challenges we face as writers? What was it like to be rejected? What kept us going when we wanted to quit? How do we deal with “writer’s block” or getting a negative review?


One of the biggest challenges of course, is trying to sell our books without spamming every single social media site known to man.  However, without a little bit of promotion, nobody is going to know that our books are out there, and so we writers have to choose the best ways of reaching out to readers without boring them witless.  I’m trying the theory that if I publish a non-spamming blog for 4 days out of 5 which is not focusing on any of my books, then readers could be more likely to take note of any book promotions I might do. I’m cutting down on tweets too.  Who knows?  I’ll give it a few months and see if it works.


Yes, we can all paper the walls with the number of rejections we’ve received.  It’s par for the course when you start sending your work off to literary agencies.  Consider it the norm to receive rejections, and you will then be pleasantly surprised when that email comes in from an agent asking to see your manuscript.  I’ve had a few requests from agents for whole manuscripts, and even a debate as to whether they were going to represent me at one point, but I’ve learned it’s best not to build your hopes up too soon!  When it happens it will happen.  Until then, keep learning and improving, and above all…keep writing!

What keeps us going?

I’ve never wanted to quit writing, so I don’t have a problem with finding ways to keep going.  However, there are days when I don’t feel like doing much, or the words won’t come.  On those days I put my trainers on and walk about the countryside I love so much.  Sometimes I even get my old bike out from the shed and pedal away.  It’s all flat in Suffolk, so it’s not too difficult for an old girl like me.

Writer’s block:

I find it’s best to write at least 500 – 1000 words every day.  If I go away and don’t write at all, then it’s harder to get back in the swing of things.  Writing a little bit every day keeps the writer’s block away.  That’s my motto anyway!

Negative review:

Again, we’ve all had them.  I work on the theory that it’s just somebody else’s opinion and that you cannot please all the people all the time.  A few negative reviews show that at least you’re getting honest reviews and that readers might be more convinced the 5 star reviews you do have are not all from Uncle Tom, Auntie Jean and Cousin Ernie.

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