This is my last post for a few days.  I’m off to my second home – the Isle of Wight, for some R&R!  See you again on Wednesday. x

1.  Here’s 11 ways to overcome marketing dread, by Beth Bacon:

2.  Thanks to Hugh’s Views & News for this info on how to stop your comments ending up in somebody’s WordPress spam folder.

What To Do If All Your Comments Are Ending Up In The WordPress Spam Folder

3.  A Writer’s Path gives us 4 things we must do before publishing a book:

Don’t Even Think of Publishing Unless You’ve Done These 4 Things

4.  Advice from Fantasy Author’s Handbook on how NOT to open a short story:

5.  Thanks to Author Design Studio for this one on how your book cover influences your brand as an indie author.

6.  Thanks to Meerkat for these 9 things that cost a book 5 stars:

9 Things That Cost Your Book 5 Stars – Guest Blog Post By An Amazon Top Reviewer

7.  Good advice from Connie J. Jasperson regarding making your  FB fan page useful:

#amwriting: making your fan page useful

8.  Useful blog by Ruth Nestvold giving info on sites for promoting $0.99 book sales:

9.  Good one from James Calbraith – 80 sites to advertise your book:

90 sites to advertise your book

10.  Thanks to A Writer’s Path for this beginner’s guide to self- publishing on Amazon’s KDP:

How to Self-Publish on Amazon: The Beginner’s Step-By-Step Guide to Self-publishing Their First Book

11.  Thanks to Michael Dellert for these 8 reasons why writers should use Twitter:

12.  Thanks to Sally Cronin at Smorgasbord for this article on processed food:

Thanks to Kim’s Author Support Blog, Archer’s Aim,  Chris, the Story Reading Ape, Dan Alatorre, for the re-blogs.