Publishers Creativia designed the cover and published my women’s fiction family drama Repent at Leisure in March this year, and are now running a Kindle promotion for $0.99 / £0.99 until 20th October.  An excerpt was shortlisted for the Escalator Writing Contest in May, and it has earned some good reviews, two of which can be seen below:

I have read several books by author, Stevie Turner and I admit this is my favorite. I enjoyed the book for several reasons. First of all, I was unable to ‘guess’ the ending of the book. The plot twists and turns and the author’s portrayal of the characters prevents the reader from drawing conclusions as the story develops.

As with all of Turner’s books, the book is well written. This book grabbed my attention from the beginning and is a page turner through the end of the book. The story line is very unusual and developed in a way to keep the reader guessing. Characters Paul, Cat and Anita are fascinating and I found myself empathizing with the three of them despite and probably because of their inherent weaknesses.

I highly recommend this book and believe that, based on how easily the book flows, its dynamic characters and unusual story-line, it will be hard for any reader to not enjoy this incredibly well written novel.


I absolutely loved this book so much so that I read it all in one sitting! Of course it had nothing to do with it being set in my native Scotland lol, I found that the characters were very well written and they developed as the story progressed, they were down to earth and believable while at times they were altogether sinister but you end the tale feeling like the events could have actually happened to someone you know.

This story takes us on a tour of the world beginning in Scotland and visiting Spain, England and Australia before returning to Scotland, and I  found the author had researched very well all the places which you will visit in this book, as well as great use of slang fitting the place you are in at that particular time in the novel .

Although I would categorise this story as a tale of love and romance it would also fit into either the crime drama or thriller genre just as well.

I am not going to put any spoilers in this review as I want the reader to experience it the way I did by turning the pages to find out what happens next in Paul and Anita’s lives.