Last weekend Sam and I had the pleasure of an invite to an evening wedding reception, which was held in one of the function rooms of a rather upmarket pub / restaurant in Cambridge.  We had known the groom for some years, as our son used to play guitar in his band before his own sons came along.  Rob, a rather personable young man, is now a music producer, and had met his wife Amy at one of the band’s gigs a few years ago.

Rob wanted two Best Men; our son Marc was one of them, and the other was Vic, who still plays keyboards for the band.  What was lovely about the whole evening was that although the reception was held in a pub, neither Rob, Amy, Vic, or any of their families drank alcohol at all because they were teetotal as a matter of choice, and had been for many years.  They didn’t want to spoil any of their friends’ enjoyment though, and so decided on the venue together.

Some would say ‘what’s a wedding without booze?’  I’ve been to plenty of them.  I’ve seen one particular bride and groom totally trollied and embarrassing themselves and everybody around them.  Some of their friends did pop over to the bar for a pint or two, but there was no drunkenness.  It just goes to show that a lovely evening can be had by all without anybody arguing, fighting or embarrassing themselves through over-consumption of the falling over water.

I’m often put off going into town centres at night because of the amount of drunkenness there is these days amongst young people.  Some of them I think are tipsy on cheap supermarket booze even before they leave the house.

I’m partial to the odd whisky and ginger sometimes, but I can take it or leave it.  If I never drank alcohol again it wouldn’t bother me.  However, I’ve never been to a wedding where the majority of people just imbibed soft drinks!  What a lovely young couple; sensible, friendly, and eager for us old folk to share in their special day.  Amy’s wedding dress was of the classical type; beautifully designed and with a proper top to it, a sweetheart neckline and short sleeves,  instead of the bare shoulders and unsightly heaving cleavages that are so prevalent today.  Long may their happiness last, and their sobriety.

Do you think that you can have a good time without alcohol?  I’m of the opinion that not only can you have a good time, you can have an even better time than the drinkers, and you will remember everything in the morning!