My little four year old grandson recently asked me the question ‘Where does space end?’.  There was a slight hesitation while I tried to think of a suitable answer that his child’s brain could comprehend.  Eventually all I could come up with was to tell him that it doesn’t end at all, it carries on forever.

Have you ever thought about this concept?  It certainly got my grey matter ticking over. We are all floating around in space on this crowded planet, which none of us can get off of unless we’ve got a good rocket.  Even if we did manage to, there are just numerous uninhabitable planets out there in blackness of space, with not a supermarket trolley or a branch of that well-known hamburger company in sight.  We are stuck fast on Earth.  My grandson’s logic that everything must have a beginning and an end doesn’t seem to apply in this instance.

Do you often look up at the moon as I do and marvel that we have made it there and back, aided by the use of computers in 1969 which were less powerful than our mobile phones are now?  Whether you believe in the Big Bang theory or have a religious faith, the solar system is a source of wonder; to be able to travel so far would have been unheard of a century ago.  Who knows what future explorers of space might find?  Imagine what astronauts might be capable of in 500 years’ time!

Unfortunately the European Space Agency informed us recently that after 7 months of travelling,  the Mars probe “crashed” into the planet’s surface and then exploded, falling to Mars  from a height of 1.2 to 2.5 miles and was destroyed on impact.  Hopefully another launch may be more successful, and so we must wait again to discover whether there is life on other planets.  Who knows?  There may be Martians orbiting our planet as I write this.  UFO’s have been sighted on various occasions over the years, and I am keeping an open mind.

Does space end?  What do you think?