My husband surprised me recently with two tickets to see Bad Company at the O2 Arena in Greenwich, South East London.  Richie Sambora, ex Bon Jovi guitarist would be playing beforehand as a supporting artist.

We had not been to the O2 for quite some time, and in the meantime a cable car ride had been erected over the Thames from the  Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Victoria Docks on the other side of the water.  We arrived somewhat early for the gig, as we wanted to have a go on the ‘Emirates Air Line’ as it is called, which is the UK’s first urban cable car.  Construction took just under a year, and it was finished in June 2012 in time for the London 2012 games.  It rises to 90 metres at its highest point, and consists of 34 cabins carrying up to 10 people.  Each cabin moves between 2.2m and 4m per second.


If you don’t like heights, it’s not for you!  However, Sam and I enjoyed the ‘flight’ across the Thames in a cable car on our own, and walked along by the docks on the other side.  We realised that there must have been some sort of Star Wars convention taking place, as hundreds of strangely dressed people were milling about and posing for photos.  On the way back we shared a cable car with goodness knows who, as they were dressed in full mask and battle gear, and not being a Star Wars or science fiction fan, I had no idea who they were supposed to be.  I concentrated on looking out of the window so as not to break out into inappropriate giggling.

If you like rock music, I heartily recommend Bad Company.  Paul Rogers was in full voice, and the band did all the old numbers the audience loved as well as some new ones.  It seemed strange seeing Richie Sambora without Jon Bon Jovi, but he and his accompanying singer and guitarist Orianthi were very good too.  I even met up with my cousin, who was amongst the 20,000 strong crowd, coincidentally sitting just a few rows away.

All in all an excellent weekend.  Now back to work!