1.  Thanks to Day as Casey for these tips on how to improve your blog:

Improve Your Blog

2.  Thanks to Kristen Twardowski for this blog on what happens when authors change their mind after publication:


3.  Interesting article by Jillian Casey on A Writer’s Path on how e-books are changing the way we read and write:

EBooks are Changing the Way We Read and Write

4.  Olga Nunez Miret on LitWorldInterviews gives us details of a new marketing strategy:

#Author Do you need a push for your campaign or promotion? Try Headtalk

5.  G.L Cromarty (The Writing Chimp) tells us why we should share our writing and how to go about it:

Why you should share your writing and how to go about it #amwriting

6.  Thanks to Kristen Twardowski again for this novel writing tool which is free for November:


7.  Pearls Before Swine gives us 7 ways to create a book business plan:


8.  Thanks to Rachel Poli for these November/December writing contests:

November/December 2016 Writing Contests

9.  Jaqueline Oby-Ikocha at The Art of Beautiful Expressions gives tips on changing things so that more people read your blog:


10.  Roberta Pimentel encourages us to share our blogs:

Share your blog!

11.   Would you like to take part in a survey to help self-published authors?  Now is your chance!


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Do you know how to publish an ebook with pictures?

13.  Thanks to Esther Newton for details of the H.E Bates Short Story Competition:


14.  Thanks to Enjoyment in Writing/Readers Favorite for this tip on collecting a list of blogs for easy reference:


15.  Interesting one from Diana Peach (Myths of the Mirror) on why she gave up her traditional publishing deal and went Indie:

Goodbye Traditional, Hello Indie – Results

16.  Thanks to Adirondack Editing for this blog on what happens to your intellectual property after you die.

EDITING 101: 10 – What Happens When You Die? – NOT in a Metaphysical sense…

17.  Last but not least, enjoy these 36 writing tips from Stephen King courtesy of Millionaire’s Digest:


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