This is a new category.  Every Saturday I am going to promote a book written by a self-published author which is either going to be free or at a discount.  As it’s new and I’m a bit short of customers this week (well, to be honest, there are none), I’m going to promote one of my own!

Authors who would like me to promote their upcoming book bargain next Saturday can email me at with details of their book and a list of their social media sites (put Saturday Sale as a subject).  They can also attach a book cover and/or a photo of themselves if they so wish.  Thanks for remembering that I’d rather not promote anything overly-erotic.  Hopefully I’ll be able to promote two or three books in the same blog.

So here’s my first offering – ‘Revenge’.  I’ve re-written the last chapter this month, as the previous ending seemed far too controversial for quite a few readers!  Revenge will be FREE from November 12th – November 16th on the worldwide link below:


Teacher Alistair Veale is just coasting along in his 20 year marriage to Ann. His two sons Tom and Jake are growing up fast and have their own interests, but he still enjoys a close relationship with 13-year-old daughter Jessie, his ‘Princess’.

When Alistair takes 14 children from his tutor group on a week-long school trip to the Isle of Wight, a new Science teacher, Carly Jessop, goes along to keep an eye on the 6 girls. Alistair notices a growing attraction between himself and Carly, which cannot be ignored.

However, when Alistair and Carly begin an affair the consequences are horrific and far-reaching, threatening not only Alistair’s livelihood, but also his peace of mind and the relationship he has with his own three children.

So there you have it.  First come first served!

I’m also looking for new books to promote on my monthly website newsletter.  Mostly the same rules apply for this, except that the book doesn’t have to be on sale and the email subject would be ‘Newsletter Promotion’.  The next promotion would be for January 2017, as I already have an author to promote for December.