I’m thinking of starting up a Facebook beta readers group for women’s fiction/family relationship dramas.  Authors who have books in this category and who would like more reviews can join up and receive free books to read and review, and hopefully other members will pick their book for reading and reviewing too.

If I can get about 20 – 30 members I think it would be worth setting one up.  Please leave a comment if you write in this genre and would like more reviews for your books.  It would be give and take; you would add your own book, but you would also need to read and review another one.  If all members are active, then it would not be a ‘review swap’ group, as members would pick a book that interests them.  No money need change hands, as members would provide a copy for free.

Have you had experience of one of these beta reading groups?  Do you think it’s a good idea?  If you joined one in the past, did you find that authors tended to drop out or not participate?

Let me know if you’re interested.  Thanks and best wishes from Stevie.