The older I get the more interested I become in discovering what might be waiting for me on the ‘other side’.  Not in a morbid depressive way, but with a strange fascination that has never diminished from when I was first dragged along as a teenager to accompany my recently widowed mother to a rather hilarious spiritualist meeting now detailed in my new memoir ‘Waiting in the Wings’

Last night Sam and I went to see a medium who was giving a demonstration of clairvoyance in our local village hall.  I’ve always hoped that Sam would receive a message and be as convinced as I am about life after death, but in all our 36 years of marriage he has never changed his opinion from that of a deep scepticism.  In the past I have received very accurate messages, which immediately proved to me that there is a spirit world out there, and how we will eventually be reunited with our loved ones.

The medium passed from person to person giving highly accurate messages from their deceased relatives, and then she came to us.  She told us there was what she perceived as one of our fathers standing between us, who had suffered with heart disease for many years.  Sam sat up a bit straighter, and realised the medium was talking about his dad.

My father-in-law told us our lives had changed for the better (they had), and that we shouldn’t worry about ‘the boy’.  Neither of us had any idea what she was talking about, and Sam’s demeanour suggested to me that he had immediately switched off again.  However, it wasn’t until we were back at home that I realised that father-in-law used to call Sam’s younger brother Mike ‘the boy’, and that Mike had been unwell recently.

The medium then went on to tell us how she had sat with her own brother as he passed over to the spirit world.  At the moment of her brother’s death she saw her long-deceased father appear and take the hand of his son.  She told us quite happily that none of us die alone, and that there is always somebody from the family who comes for us.  This was confirmed to me years ago by nurses who worked on the hospital ward where I was a ward clerk.  Some of them had seen ghosts around the bed as the patient’s spirit had left the body at the moment of death.

Spooky isn’t it?  Sam’s still not convinced, but I suppose the message he received wasn’t particularly spectacular.  However,  a consultant I once worked with was also as convinced as I am about life after death.  While he sat at his mother’s bedside as she passed away, he  saw a huge angel briefly fill the room immediately after her death.  As a child I often saw ghosts of animals, and once in 2005 I lay in bed wide awake and worrying when initially diagnosed with cancer.  As I sat up and switched on the light to get a drink, I saw a lady in a white coat sitting on my bed.  She stayed there for a few minutes before disappearing.  She looked like my oncologist, and she was smiling.  I took that as a good sign.  It must have been, because I’m still here!

Have you had any paranormal experiences?  I’d love to hear about them!