My family drama ‘Revenge’ (with a brand new final chapter) is free today and until 16th November.

“I was given an ARC of this novel and it was a real treat. I hadn’t read this author’s work before and tend to be quite careful of reading someone unfamiliar. I’m glad I took the chance on Stevie Turner because I wasn’t disappointed. This novel had all the ingredients of a realistic extra marital scenario, which must happen a million times over in every town in the world. It was frightening how easily Alistair’s good but coasting marriage could pale into insignificance against the youthful allure of a work colleague and the storyline was the horror of wives everywhere.
But there’s a twist and nobody is who you think they really are. I met a pastor once who said, “I knew who I used to be, because when I tipped forward, I heard his words come out of my mouth.” That’s the moral of this book. The nicest people can be, under pressure, the most hideous enemies and Alistair’s harmless affair, begun in a moment of boredom will have devastating consequences for everyone involved in his life. There are more than a few shocks in this book which make the reader take a good, long, hard look in the mirror. The novel is written well and it was easy to keep reading. I liked this author’s work and will read more of it. An easy five stars”.


Brigid P. Gallagher is having a Book Launch Celebration Party on her Wordpress blog today before the actual launch of her book ‘Watching the Daisies’ on Monday 14th November:

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The first ten people to re-blog her post above will receive a FREE e-formatted copy of the book.  There will also be 10 giveaways on Brigid’s FACEBOOK page

You can find Brigid on Twitter:  @watchingthedai1

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Millions of people around the world suffer from fibromyalgia; the majority of them are women.  As yet there is no cure.

 In this memoir, Brigid P. Gallagher shares her experience on:
  • The busy life she followed before succumbing to this debilitating disease
  • Stopping and soul searching for answers to her vast array of symptoms
  • Entering a new life of SLOW

Drawing on her knowledge and experience as a Natural Medicines therapist, she seeks out therapies to aid her healing and integrates a variety of self-help techniques and lifestyle changes.  She also unearths a love of solo travel including Egypt, India, Rome, Lourdes, Carcassonne and Bali…

Brigid learns many insights about LIFE on her journey, the most valuable being:

“First, learn to love thyself.”

In 2006 she began retraining in Organic Horticulture and subsequently taught part time in schools.  Although she has now retired from teaching, she continues to pursue her lifelong passion for gardening and watching the daisies.