This week we’re talking about change, how we feel about it, and what are some of the big changes we’ve undergone. Also we can mention what changes we’d like to make or that we see coming.

Well, all I can say is that the longer we live, the more changes we have to undergo and get used to.  However, luckily we can get used to anything if given enough time.  I had to get used to my new damaged voice 10 years ago, and a rather unsightly industrial scar on my neck which travels from one ear right around to the other one (I call it Sid) following three major operations for thyroid cancer, but hey, I’m still alive and kicking, in remission, and writing lots of stories.

Here’s a change which not only me but every woman in their fifties has to get used to – living with a low oestrogen level,  and of course I am no exception.  I can honestly say that now I am over ‘The Change’ altogether, I feel 100 times better than I ever did when I was full of fluctuating hormones.  ‘The Change’ for me has definitely been a positive experience and a change for the better!  However, as an aside, I’d just like to add that when I worked in a department of pain medicine, by typing clinic letters I discovered that men who took opioid pain medication for years and years complained of hot flushes and mood swings, as the medication caused their testosterone levels to decrease! So you can see that men and women suffer exactly the same symptoms when testosterone levels and oestrogen levels are reduced.  The symptoms everybody associates with women’s menopause actually are just the side effects of low hormone levels in men or women. Does that make you feel better girls?

Those are the main changes I’ve undergone.  Now comes the part where I list the changes I’d like to make.  Hmm…

  1.  To cause anybody who puts pornographic material on the internet to pay a huge, huge fine.
  2. To ban the sale of cheap alcohol in supermarkets.
  3. To chemically castrate convicted paedophiles and rapists who re-offend.
  4. To ban the sale of junk food altogether and close down junk food outlets.
  5. For children to not be brainwashed into following a particular religion.  They should be left alone to make up their own minds about whether they believe in a particular God or not.
  6. For the Government to stop paying out benefits to healthy people who have no intention of ever going out to work.
  7. To ban all TV reality shows and mind-numbing soap operas.

Here are the changes I can see coming:

  1.  The high street with its variety of shops will disappear within a generation or two as more and more people shop online.
  2. The majority of the population of the Western world will be obese by the end of the century and life expectancy will be less than it is now.
  3. The NHS will cease to exist by about 2030, and we will have to pay for private health insurance.
  4. More and more children will leave school unable to read or write properly.
  5. It will be quicker to walk to your destination by the end of the century than take your car.
  6. Also by the end of the century there will be no more burials as cemeteries will be full up.

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