Today we have 4 books!

R.J Cook’s memoir ‘The Road Behind Me (The Lie of Hannah)’ is discounted to $0.99 until 21st November. It’s a tale of lost love and a cross-country adventure, all during the time of Nixon, Woodstock and Vietnam.


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 Next up is ’48 Hours ‘Til Christmas’, by Stephany Tullis, on sale today for $0.99.
Mayor Luke Evans and Deputy Mayor Jocelyn Lopez promise Smoothville, Georgia residents a Christmas celebration like none other in order to heal their broken city torn apart by the recent mayoral election.  As Luke and his team begin to plan for the massive event, Smoothville City Manager Angelica Mason discovers that someone is out to sabotage the Christmas extravaganza.
Smoothville’s residents’ tempers flare when rumors circulate that the mayor never planned to deliver on his promise.  Angelica convinces Luke and Jocelyn they need a special SWAT team to identify the Grinch in their midst.  Luke is excluded from the team and doesn’t seem to care.  Is the community right?  Is Luke the undercover Scrooge?
The SWAT team and Smoothville residents work around the clock to salvage the Christmas celebration.  Christmas music, holiday food and festivities, and a few angelic hosts make this Christmas novel a holiday favorite; a beautiful story about the magic of Christmas, the strength of family and friends, and the power of forgiveness.




For any German readers, the German translation of my award-winning suspense novel ‘A House Without Windows’ will be free today and until 23rd November:

German House Without Windows plus Awards resized

Die schwangere Ärztin Dr. Beth Nichols weiß nicht, dass sie von ihrem Ex-Patienten Edwin Evans verfolgt wird, als sie eines Abends von der Nachtschicht im Krankenhaus nach Hause geht. Nachdem sie betäubt wurde, wacht sie in Evans’ Keller auf, wo sie Monate später ihre Tochter ohne medizinische Hilfe zur Welt bringt und gegen ihren Willen viele Jahre gefangen gehalten wird.

In ihrer Verzweiflung und ihrer Trauer, die sie jedoch vor ihrem Peiniger verbergen kann, denkt sie oft an die glückliche Zeit, die sie mit ihrem Verlobten Liam, der ebenfalls Arzt ist, verbracht hat und hofft, dass er dort draußen noch immer nach ihr sucht.

Wird diese große Liebe die Jahre überdauern?

Last but not least is Martin Tracey’s ‘Thing’s They’ll Never See’.  Martin is offering signed copies of his book at the discounted price of £5 with free P&P. All readers have to do is’like‘ his Facebook author page  and send him a direct message.



It’s the 1990s and the world of music is dominated largely by the ‘Grunge’ acts of America and ‘Britpop’. Jake Zennor is the proverbial round peg and seems to have nowhere to go to achieve solo success since the split of his chart-topping band Blossom of Eden. Jake’s quest is not helped by damaging media coverage and he decides to retreat from the eye of the storm to his native Peak District, hoping to figure out how he can get his career back on track. Jake invests in a creepy mansion for his home. The old house hides secrets of darkness and Jake hides secrets of his own. If they were revealed would they help his cause? Perhaps the solution is to sell his soul to the Devil – after all, it’s been done before.