My fellow Open Book Blog-hopper P.J Fiala has sent me details of her book ‘Moving to Love’, which is permanently free on Amazon:


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Iraq veteran and motorcycle shop owner Jeremiah “Dog” Sheppard is looking forward to the annual Veterans Ride benefit for local vets, but this year he might be rewarded with more than the usual satisfaction of doing a good deed. When he asks the stunning single mother of one of his employees to help with the charity event, he finds himself facing a greater challenge than expected. Joci  James is happy to use her graphic design and marketing savvy to help a good cause but charity might not be her only motivator. She cannot deny a mutual attraction but her bruised heart is closed for business, even to her son’s good-looking boss. Fortunately, the tenacious Jeremiah never gives up without a fight.

My family relationship drama ‘The Donor’ will be discounted to $0.99 / £0.99 from tomorrow until 3rd December:


When you know you have met the love of your life, the last thing you expect is for your sister to lure him away.

Clare Ronson is faced with this scenario when her sister, Isabel, marries singer and guitarist Ross Tyler. To compound Clare’s jealousy and bitterness, Ross hits the big time and becomes a wealthy tax exile, relocating to France with his family. Clare cannot bring herself to speak to Isabel or Ross for the next 30 years.

However, when tragedy occurs in 2002, causing Ross to arrive back in England at Clare’s doorstep, she must try to put the past behind her for her sister’s sake.

The Lullaby Illusion by author Susan Joyce is available free right now through to the 30th November everywhere except Amazon, which is marked at 99c.


In a hospital in a foreign land, a young American woman gives birth. Her son, one hope of saving her troubled marriage to a mysterious man, is born dead. Soon after, while she still grieves, Susan’s island paradise in Cyprus collapses into a war zone, and she finds herself trapped in fierce fighting between defending Greek and Turkish forces. Evacuated by the British Navy, she starts putting pieces back together in England. Then she learns that her husband had something to do with the war. And in lucid dreams, she sees that he is also cheating on her. She confronts him, and he responds with a too-professional chokehold that threatens her life. Stunned, she finds herself penniless in the streets of Brussels. But friends, dreams, and creativity push her forward as she discovers that her “ticking clock” is not the need to produce a child, but her need to create a life that reflects her true expressive self.