This week we have to make a list, so I’m going to list my 10 favourite places where I like to be (or have liked to be in the past), but they’re not in any order – just as I think of them:

1  Up on the cliffs of the Tennyson Trail (still wearing my festival poncho) at Freshwater, Isle of Wight:


2.  Walking through the Suffolk countryside in summer and feeling the warm sun on my face:

Hay bales

3.  Seeing all the daffodils in Nowton Park, Bury St Edmunds every April:


4.  On Isle of Wight again at Seaclose Park during the annual music festival.


5.  With my favourite auntie, but alas she is no longer with us.


6.  London at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

1 (7)

7.  Home at Christmas!

My house

8. On a Caribbean cruise like this one we went on in 2005.

Cruise 2005 285.jpg

9.  At a book signing event getting loads of customers!


10.  Under a sunshade on Copacabana Beach…bring it on..


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