On the BBC News App recently:

Managers at Crown Post Offices (the larger branches in High Streets) held a third strike on Saturday December 3rd in a continuing dispute over jobs, pensions and branch closures.   The strike involved more than 700 managers, who were joined by the Communication Workers Union (CWU).  The CWU is in dispute over jobs, the franchising of Crown Post Offices, and the closure of the final salary pension scheme.  In April 2016 the Post Office announced plans to transfer up to 71 branches into WH Smith stores over the following year in a 10 year plan to cut costs and save money.  However, the CWU said it faced up to 2,000 job losses as a result.

Merry Christmas!


Our main Post Office at Bury St Edmunds closed on November 2nd after more than 100 years, and a smaller version has set up shop in WH Smith’s next door.  I assume that the widespread use of Internet, texts and emails, online shopping, other more speedier parcel delivery firms, and a move away from writing letters has hit our post offices very hard.  It’s called PROGRESS.

Recently I bought all my Christmas card stamps – 10 large letter stamps, one overseas stamp, and about 40 second class stamps.  The bill came to nearly £35!  Is it any wonder that people send emails rather than letters?

PROGRESS is slowly wiping out our High Streets, but hey, what can be done about it?  It’s cheaper to shop online, and it’s less expensive to send an email or a text rather than a letter. This is bad news for people who work in post offices, but good news for Joe Public.  Our High Street is rapidly turning into just cafes and restaurants and yet more shops selling mobile phones.  Perhaps the Post Office needs to diversify and find other ways of making money? What do you think?