Re-blogging for Sally Cronin, a great supporter of Indie authors.

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Sally Cronin is one of the most supportive of bloggers, every day she features and promotes the work of writers, illustrators and photographers…so much so that it is easy to forget that Sally is a writer too…


Here are my current books available on Amazon, the Moyhill site and  Smashwords.  I have also included some of the reviews for the books on Amazon and by bloggers.  The icing on the cake..

All except for Just Food for Health are available in E-versions for most readers. You can buy all my books from my own bookstore at the links beneath the titles below but also on


Amazon UK:

Amazon India:

Most are slightly cheaper on the Moyhill publishing site with secure payments as there is no withholding tax or VAT.  The link for each book is at the bottom of the descriptions.

Continue reading here: My books…

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